Saturday, 9 March 2013

Glow in the dark fabrics!

Yes really, they do actually glow in the dark!  They don't even need natural light to charge them, a few mins in artificial light does the job.   Plush Addict have just got a new selection of glow in the dark fabrics in stock so I just had to order some to make cushions for my son.  Most of them are space themed which are just his thing.

They have a selection of glow in the dark space fabrics here from Camelot Cottons, they are what I used for the front of the cushion.
Front of the cushion

There's also several glow in the dark fabrics from Michael Miller which include the star one I used to back the cushion, so ghost/skeleton ones and fairy dust which looks like a plain white fabric until you turn the light off!

Plush Addict have managed to take a good picture of the fabric glowing in the dark (above) so you can see when it looks like when the light is off.

Back of the cushion

 I bought a fat quarter of 4 of the space fabrics, and 1/2m of the Micheal Miller stars one (above) and only used half of each fat quarter to make two 50cm squared cushions.  I haven't finished sewing the second one together yet which is why there's only one in the pic.  The 1/2 metre did both the backs.  So for under £20 I've got 2 funky glow in the dark cushions plus plenty of left over fabric for a future project.

I could do with some ideas of what the make with the excess (4 x fat eighths).  What would you make with glow in the dark fabric?


Sarah_L_N said...

Bunting might be cute from the leftovers!

Sewing Directory said...

Oh that's a good idea Sarah, that would look great in his bedroom - lots of glowing :-)

QuiltCandy said...

Wow what wonderful fabric! How about a superhero cape, and the brighter the cape glows, the stronger his superhero powers ;-)

Sewing Directory said...

Not enough left for a cape unfortunetly. But they would make a great superhero cape, might have to buy some more soon... ;-)

Wendy said...

that is clever! how about a lampshade for his room?

Sewing Directory said...

I've never made a lampshade but I know a lot of people are selling the kits now. I bet being that close to the light would really charge up the fabrics and make them glow brightly.

I'll think I'll have to put it to James and see what he'd like. Never got around to sewing up the second one in the end either so had better do that first I guess.

Listons on the go said...

Cut each piece you have left into a large fun figure (teddy/football etc) and then applique with big oversewing stitches onto his bed quilt.

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