Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sewing Time!

Since Julie has joined The Sewing Directory as my partner I've had much more time to sew so I've been working through my projects list, plus dealing with a few special requests from my son!  I thought I'd share a few pictures of what I've been making lately.

My son has suddenly decided that pigs are his favourite animals after rearing them on Minecraft!  Unfortunetly this also means he will no longer eat them and in fact he's become pescatarian! Luckily Sew Magazine had a piggie pin cushion in their lastest issue so I adapted it slightly to make him a pig toy.  The pink one came first but then apparently he got lonely and wanted a golden pig as a friend so I had to make another. He now wants a whole rainbow of them but I think 2 is enough!

I've had these gorgeous organic prints from Birch Fabrics for ages and wanted to make something that would allow me to see them regularly, so I decided to make pillowcases with them.  Now I get to see them every single day and they have certainly brightened up my bed.  I didn't follow a tutorial for these I just used the measurements of the existing pillowcases and added a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

This large zippy pouch is big enough for me to fit my embroidery supplies, including hoops in.  I used some of my favourite fabric, the peacock print from Cloud 9's Alegria collection and I thought it would go quite nicely with denim.  Plus the denim gave it some structure without me having to use interfacing.  It's lined with a turquoise and gold print.   My mum had a big destash recently and I came away with a huge piece of denim so I suspect there will be more denim projects in my future....  I'm thinking it might be good for a handbag, I need a new one.

Lastly I started on something I've been wanting to make for years, the Tula Pink Sampler quilt.  I got her book when it first came out and have been stashing her fabrics for the last 2-3 years and now I've finally gotten around to starting it.  There's 100 blocks in the quilt, but some are a bit small and fiddly for me (I don't have the patience to faff around with tiny bits of fabric).

So I've decided to pic my favourite blocks from the book and make 2 of each, sometimes more but in different colour ways.  I've made 24 blocks so far so still have a long way to go, but I'm hoping to get another 10-20 done this week.  I have to admit I hate cutting out which is what makes me slow with things like this, I just want to get on with the sewing and not spend hours cutting.  But I'm sure I'll get there in the end.

Speaking of sewing projects we have some brilliant new free sewing projects over on The Sewing Directory, including this fab man's wallet which would be ideal for Father's Day.  If you haven't perused our projects section for a while do pop over and take a look.

I also think the bear Kindle case below would make a great project for the man who loves his e-books, or you could adapt it to use for a tablet.

So what have you been sewing lately?

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