Thursday, 18 March 2010

Free Patterns

Wouldn’t it be great is someone spent hours on end searching through all the sewing related sites on the internet to find free sewing patterns and projects? Wouldn’t it be even better it they put all those projects and patterns on one site, sorted by topic so you can easily find whatever you wanted?

Well the great news is that someone has! Not just one person either, there are now a few sites out there with hundreds, sometimes thousands of free patterns and projects so why not save money and use a free pattern today?

Here are our top 3 free pattern sites:

1) Free Needle

Free Needle currently have over 1,700 free patterns and projects broken down into multiple categories making it easy to find what you need. They are constantly adding new patterns and test the links of the existing patterns to stop you clicking on dead links.

The categories are detailed on the front page, you then select the desired category to bring up a list of links. You also have the option of viewing the most recent or most popular links.

This easy to use site also allows you to rate the patterns or comment on them to help other users. You can also add patterns to your favourites or add your own personal notes to it. The site links you through to the website that contains the free pattern.

2) Angel Fire

Slightly less user friendly than Free Needle as all the links are on the front page making it look a bit jumbled, angel fire still offers a huge range of free patterns.

Some of the links take you through to the websites containing the pattern, the others open up the pdf pattern, which makes it easy to save to your own computer, or to print. All pdf patterns are clearly marked.

There is also a section of links that take you through to help guides to give advice on patterns, fabrics, fitting, machine tips and more.

3) About.com
Patterns and projects are sorted by expertise level as well as a few other broad categories eg. Home decoration, children’s etc. Unlike the sites above the patterns do not link through to another site, they have all been contributed to by the authors so you remain on the same site throughout. There are photos to help guide you through each stage of the process.

For those of you who are also looking for free knitting patterns or crochet why not try:



If you have come across any other good free pattern site please let us all know in the comments on this article.

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