Writing a craft book

In April 2013 I signed a book deal with Search Press to write a book about building and marketing a successful creative business.  My passion is writing and I've always wanted to write a book.  After 5 years of running a The Sewing Directory and writing business guides for my site, other websites and magazines I've decided it's time to write a whole book on the subject.  Luckily Search Press liked my ideas and have signed me up so now the dream is a reality.

This is a picture of all the beautiful books on display in the reception of Search Press's offices, hopefully mine has now joined their ranks!

I thought it would be interesting to blog about the whole book writing process and share my journey with you all.  So if you've ever wondered how a craft book gets made, how long it takes and what steps are involved then bookmark this page or follow the blog.  When I first starting thinking about writing a book I found the whole process so secretive and struggled to get much information so hopefully this will bring things into the open a bit. If you have any questions about any of it please do ask.

I'll put links to all the relevant posts below as I write them: 

Book deal announcement

Why I decided to write a book 

The proposal and contract  

The planning meeting 

Starting writing 

Writing software 

First draft finished 

Naming the book 


Promoting the book

Book Contributors 

The emotional side of writing a book 

An interview on the Search Press website about writing my book 

How I promoted my book - Part 1 

Book promotion - Part 2

A couple of my friends are also writing craft books and blogging about the process so do take a read of Tilly's experience and Susan's.  They are both writing for different publishers to me, and are writing project based books so their experiences are a little different to mine.

There's also a great couple of posts on craft book publishing on the Sew McCool blog.

Plus you'd probably enjoy this post called 'Is it worth writing a craft book'


Sew Scrumptious said...

That is fantastic news! How exciting. Well done you. Can't wait to read all about your progress. x

Sue Quinn said...

We will be doing this at the same time! I have also just signed a book deal with Search Press about felt animals....would be good to keep in touch with you:) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading all about it, very generous of you to share the experience. Well done! Another craft book that I'll need to add to my collection.

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