Thursday, 11 March 2010

Focus on.....

Each week we will be choosing on of the businesses/groups listed on the site to feature in more detail on the blog.  Allowing you to find out a bit more about what they do and to see pictures of their products/work.  This week we will be focusing on Injabulo.

Focus on....  

Injabulo provide fair trade South African buttons, beads and sewing/knitting accessories. Their unusual name is the Zulu word for happiness and that is what they bring to the artists who design and produce the products sold through the site.

Their products include a great range of quirky buttons, my personal favourites being the pictured handmade ceramic Fun Navy Cat Buttons a bargain at only £4.25; they would jazz up any outfit.

You can also find ceramic hearts, silk flower corsages, a range of baskets, beautiful handmade beads plus cross stitch and patchwork patterns and kits all at affordable prices.

The company was formed when founder Chrissie Sherwood and her husband returned after living in Johannesburg for three years.

Wanting to help fight back against poverty and spotting the intrinsic creativity out there the idea of Injabulo was formed. Ensuring that they pay a fair price for their products Injabulo are helping people in South Africa and Botswana learn new skills and support their families. In addition Injabulo is a great supporter of children’s charity Pebbles and sponsors two children as well as running other initiatives to help the children.

There is a great section on the site that allows you the read about the people who create these inspirational products, and see the faces behind the products. Furthermore by looking through the gallery section you can see the creations that other customers have made with their Injabulo purchases to help inspire your own projects.

It’s good to know that you can buy such beautiful things and do good at the same time!

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