Year of Handmade Gifts

Every year I keep thinking about things I'd love to make people for Christmas or birthday gifts and somehow I never find the time and end up buying something instead.  So I decided that in 2015 I will set myself the challenge of making a handmade gift each month of the year.

I'm not being too strict about it, if I don't manage to make something 1 month but do 2 the following month then that is fine, so long as I've made 12 by the end of the year.  I think flexibility is the key to not giving up!

If you'd like to join in you can either post links to what you've made in the comments below, or come join in on Facebook where I've set up a group for us to share what we are making, and useful tutorials and ideas etc.


I started big this year and went straight for a quilt!  I made a baby quilt for my best friend who is having a girl in March.   Pictured below and blogged about here.


My mum asked me to make her the yarn holder from Sew-Licious: Little Things by Kate Hexall for mothers day.  I made it a little wider as she uses large balls of yarn when knitting.



More mother's day gifts in March, I made fabric boxes for both my mum (celtic one) and mother in law (woodland one) plus a few for myself!  The project can be found on my site here, it's from Stylish Home Sewing by Torie Jane

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