Monday, 31 May 2010

Bags, Bags, Bags

I'm feeling inspired by bags today.  A few of the people I follow on Twitter make some amazing bags, I love this blue denim back by Not Just Handbags,  Pod Bags make some lovely felted bags and I would love to own any of these amazing bags by Haut Totes -  I'd hoping if I drop enough hints my husband might by me their dragon bag as pictured below....

So I thought it might be worth having a look around and seeing what bag tutorials I could find to have a go at making my own.  Then saving me tons of time searching through Google I stumbled accross this great article on Squidoo - it links to tutorials of all types of bags, from handbags to beach bags, tote bags to backpacks.  So many great ideas to keep me busy over the bank holiday weekend.

If you would rather work from a pattern then Backstitch have a great range of bag patterns for only £7.50, including this great Amy Butler Swing bag.  It's the type of pattern you could use time and again and make some great presents for friends and family.  They also stock a fab range of fabrics too, perfect for making your bag with.

If you feel like splashing out why not go for one of the lovely Hamble & Jemima bag kits?  Priced from £19-£26 thse nifty little kits include everything you need to make your bag, including both the outer and lining fabric, exclusive handmade buttons, ribbon, embellishments, pattern and simple instructions. They are even suitable for beginners, i'm thinking it may be a good place to start.  You can also purchase them from

As part of our launch giveaway we gave away a copy of Fabulous Bags to Stitch and Make by Jenny Rolfe and having had a quick flick through before we sent it off I have to say there were some stunning bags in there.  I looked like you would need a certain level of sewing experience to make the bags, but the colourful pictures would certainly inspire you!

Suffolk Sewing School advised us that bag making courses are one of their most popular, they even offer bag making parties too.  If you are looking for more northern bag making classes then why not try Louise Parkes who serves the Birmingham area.
Do any of you have any bag making tips or links you would like to share?  If so please post them below.

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