Saturday, 8 May 2010

Craft Blog UK

I expect many of you bloggers out there will have heard about Craft Blog UK but for those of you who haven't please let me introduce you to this great site!  Craft Blog UK is a directory of craft blogs throughout the UK.  The blogs are split into categories such as Jewellery, sewing, art, photography and paper crafts to make it easy for people to find the type of blog they are looking for.

It is free to submit your blog and Craft blog UK help to promote your blog and find you new followers by Tweeting about the blogs on their directory, talking about them on Facebook and their own blog as well as regularily featuring feeds from the blogs on their site and interviewing a blogger each week too.
What's more they have now launched a great forum for bloggers to exchange tips, promote their blogs, tell people about their blog giveaways/competitions and ask for help and advice.  The forum has only just launched but i've already got several useful tips off there and regularily post details of our competitions.  It's a great resource for craft bloggers and is really helping to build a blogging community. 

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haptree said...

Thanks for talking about CBuk - things are really starting to get going over there now! I love the image you chose, I took that photo in my garden about this time last year when I started my first blog!

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