Saturday, 26 June 2010

Some summer makes

If any of you are like me you will probably be totally unprepared for this heatwave we are experiencing.  I was half expecting to rain half the summer and now we're approaching 30 degrees!  So presuming you may not have the money to go and buy a new summer wardrobe I thought I would find a few useful tutorials for you to get you kitted out for the summer.

Sun Hat

First off a sun hat is an absolute must in this weather, and it's really difficult to find a nice one at a reasonable price.  This tutorial from Just Chic shows you how to make a sun hat from a couple of pillow cases, or you can use less than a yard of your own material and some interfacing to make it:

If you want some tips on using interfacing then look here.

This tutorial on Indietutes is for a great sun hat for kids (pictured on the left), but could also be adapted to make a sun hat for adults too:

Summer Dress

Now what about a light summer dress? This link will take you to a quick and simple tutorial for a summer dress.   We do of course have a great tutorial on our site for making a shirt dress from a man's shirt we do love refashioning!  Also there is a great pattern for a Tulip dress or skirt in the current issue of Sew Hip. 

If you're thinking for your kids there is a lovely reversible dress tutorial on this blog so you get 2 dresses for the work of one.  Always good!

If you're looking for a quick fix have a look at this genius video tutorial on how to make a maxi dress from a length of cloth - a complete no sew option less than 2 minutes long.


There are tens of thousands of tutorials for skirt making, if not more.  If you are searching for skirt tutorials you need to be pretty precise about what style of skirt you are looking for.  A few of my favourite are this ruffle skirt (pictured on the left) created from a couple of men's t-shirts (back to the refashioning again!).

This wrap skirt tutorial on Sew Mama Sew gives a really good quide on drafting a pattern to make a skirt.  

If you've ever wondered what to do with your bloke's old work shirts then this circle skirt tutorial is an absolute must.  Who would have thought men's shirts could look so good?

Beach Bag

Last and not least you're going to need a nice roomy beach bag to carry all those new clothes to the beach in.  Peronally I love this tote bag tutorial or this reversible beach bag tutorial looks pretty easy to follow even for someone new to bag making.

Hope these tutorials help get you equipped for the summer.  Enjoy it whilst it lasts...

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