Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A-Z of Sewing

I've decide it would be a great blog feature to write an A to Z of sewing - with a sewing term/technique for each letter.  I planned out the whole alphabet myself then realised I was going to take an awful lot of time to write them all up so I thought it would be nice to get some guest bloggers on board. 

So if anyone would like to contribute please drop me an e-mail on  The criteria is 200 words plus, not self promotional although you can include a link to your site but not a whole post about how great your business is and ideally images and links to sites where people can get more information.  It only needs to be a brieft summary/introduction although if you'd like to make it a project or tutorial, or an indepth article that would also be great.

Everyone who contributes can include a line or 2 about their business as well as links to their site/blog/shop under the post.

A-I  are taken already and a few random letters after that. Although I'm writing B so if anyone wants that feel free!  I'm going to put one on per week so you've got plenty of time to write something, especially for the latter letters.  So please join in and help us create an alphabet of sewing.

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