Thursday, 8 July 2010

B is For Buttons

B is for Buttons

For such small objects, buttons can make a big impact and can change the look of any garment or object; especially if you look at all the wide variety of colours, materials and shapes that are available. The same blouse would look completely different if it had a delicate mother-of-pearl button than it if had a chunky wooden button. For this reason it is very important when choosing buttons, that we take in consideration not only the design and colours of the fabric, but also the style of the garment and the purpose of it (if it is a skirt to wear out in the park or something that we are going to wear at a formal occasion).

I have chosen a few images that illustrate this better than words.

The four buttons on the Marilyn fabric (right) pick some of the colours of the design, the pinkish colour in the middle of the flower or the brown of the leaves, even a charcoal coloured button could be a suitable choice depending on the project.

Choosing the right button for this 1930’s reproduction pattern (left) was a lot of fun and quite tricky at the same time. The red background, the flowers in white, yellow and blue, and the burgundy of the stamen and stems allowed me to choose from a great variety of buttons. Which one would you chose?

Whilst it could be a lot of fun to choose buttons to match the array of colours on the hedgehog fabric (right), we must keep in mind that if a fabric like this it’s used for something that a small child will wear, play or use, small buttons might not be a good idea, but bright colours are a must!!

Don’t forget that the choice of accessories can be influenced by the type of buttons we have used. The 5 options shown on this Paisley design (left)are a perfect example for this. Chunky wooden ethnic accessories will go great with the green and brown buttons, whilst both the white and translucent buttons will give us a look completely different.

The boldness of this butterfly design (right) allows us to use big buttons, but a tiny and delicate button could also be a good match. It all depends, whether it’s used for a duvet cover, a children’s dress, or if they are for decoration only.

This last fabric (below) has a strong vintage feel and was quite easy to find buttons to match it, but at the same time quite difficult to choose that perfect one!

Choosing the right button is not always an easy task, but it is that final touch that could make a whole difference and can bring together all the hard work that we have put when making, doing or mending.

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