Saturday, 24 July 2010

Focus on.....

Focus On....Strap Trap

Strap Trap have the perfect solution for those summer dresses with thin straps that leave your bra strap showing. To save having to constantly check whether you bra is on display why not use one of their simple clips your strap will be kept concealed and you can wear your summer dresses with pride.

The designer of the Strap Trap, Hilda Varley won a gold medal at the prestigious British Inventors Show in the New Consumer Product category in 2005 shortly after launching her product. Her product is now being used all over the UK by bridal shops, couture dress makers, alteration and repair specialists, and costume and dress designers.

You can order them through her site: they are available in black and white and in various different pack sizes. So whether you are a seamstress looking to please your clients or just want to add them to your own summer dress check their website out now....

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sewbox said...

This is an amazing invention!! One time I was going to this posh do and was so worried about my bra that I actually sewed the strap on to the dress.

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