Thursday, 5 August 2010

F for Felt

F is for Felt

To start the definition of felt is:

“A fabric of matted, compressed animal fibers, such as wool or fur, sometimes mixed with vegetable or synthetic fibers.”

This makes felt a very soft and non fraying material to work with along with being available in over 70 colours from some suppliers.

Felt is generally sold in 30% wool and 70% synthetic and this is the minimum percentage otherwise the felt would simply fall apart.  Felt can be used for many projects as it allows you to cut out exactly what shape you want and does not require the edge of the felt to be hemmed or finished in any way.

You can also make your own felt from 100% wool jumpers in your washing machine at a high temperature wash which is known as fulling. This then allows you to cut the wool item up and use it like normal felt.

Below is a quick and basic tutorial on how to make a little felt doughnut brooch using felt from along with standard embroidery threads, small brads and a brooch back.

Felt doughnut/donut brooch.

1. Draw on paper and cut out the below shapes. I have decided to make a hole doughnut so have cut x2 pastry colour circles with holes in middle. I then cut out x1 white circle, cut the hole out the middle and then cut wavy around the edge for the icing.

2. Place your white icing on top of one pastry colour circle, sew in x1 strand of white thread around the white outline.

3. Then insert your little brads for the sprinkles, alternatively use x2 strands of coloured thread to make sprinkles.
4. Sew your brooch onto the other pastry coloured felt circle using about 2-3 threads to make sure it is secure.

5. Place your front and back piece together and sew in matching thread with x1 strand around the outside to secure both pieces together.

6. Congratulations you have just made yourself a cute little doughnut brooch. Now use your imagination and create your own designs and turn your ideas into felt items. Have fun!

The Letter F and tutorial brought to you by Amanda from Handmade By Button which offers great craft supplies including felt.

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