Monday, 2 August 2010

Focus on.....

Focus on.....Stone Fabrics

Stone Fabrics stock a huge range of dress making fabrics including Linen, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Jersey, Tweed, Bouclé, Suiting, Chiffon, Georgette and Velvet. Their news letter is a great source of information on not only current trends but about the fabrics themselves and how to use them and care for them. You will find a copy of their current news letter on the info page.

Their useful catwalk section shows you items that have been made from their fabrics giving you inspiration as to what to make and helping you see which fabrics work well with which designs. They tell you which fabrics were used and the price per meter as well as which pattern was used (where relevant). They encourage their customer to send in photos of what they’ve made to put on the site and make them stars.

Another great service they offer is their Cloth Club. Customers of this swatch club get a minimum of 30 samples (approx 4’’ squares) of the shop’s favourite fabrics sent out 4 times a year. This is to help you discover fabrics you may not have necessarily considered before.

Their store is based in Totnes in Devon but they do offer a mail order service nationwide. Just browse their site and give them a call, fax or e-mail to place your order.

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