Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sewing Machine Giveaway!

Site sponsors The Sewing Machine Shop have kindly donated a Frister Rossmann Cub TL sewing machine worth £200 as this week's prize. If you'd like to show your appreciation to them please become a fan of their Facebook page here.
Anyway i'm sure you'd like to know how to enter to win the machine. We decided to do a sewing twist on an old favourite....

Guess the number of pins in the jar!

We've have put pictures of the jar below, it is a 454ml jam jar, 15cm high and 20cm circumference. I've also pictured it next to some other items to help you get an idea of the size so you can make an educated many of you will be filling jam jars with pins later?

There is a mixture of pins; mainly glass headed ones but some safety pins and some fine dressmaking pins. We will put more images on Facebook to you can see them in more detail.  Plus there's more images on the news section of our website.
To enter please either send your answer through our entry form or comment here on our Blog or on Facebook or Twitter. Just one guess allowed per person.

The winner will be the closest guess; in the event of there being more one winner a winner will be chosen at random (by my 2 year old picking names out of a hat!).

Terms & Conditions

Employees of The Sewing Directory and their families are not permitted to enter. Only one entry allowed per person, multiple entries will lead to disqualification. All entries must be received by Tuesday 31st August. The sewing machine can only be posted within the UK, you can enter from outside of the UK so long as someone in the UK will receive the machine for you.


The undomesticated scientist said...

so who is going to have to count them! do you have that fantastic task or have you deligated?

The Sewing Directory said...

Me unfortunetly :-( it's going to be a fun job! Then my hubbie will have to count them all to double check my figure - he doesnt know that yet...

moira said...

my rather uneducated quess is 457 - fingers crossed!

Ballderdash said...

Mmmm, 652?

SimJaTa said...

How exciting, worth a try. Another uneducated guess here.



Leah said...


gill said...

Haven't got a clue!!

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