Thursday, 28 October 2010

R is for Refashioning

R is for refashioning!

Refashioning is, basically giving a new form to something . Refashioning of clothes has benefited from a resurgence of popularity in recent years because of peoples wants and needs to save money, become more sustainable, and also by people who are getting tired of the throw-away fashion culture that has grown so huge. Instead of throwing out that dress that is stuck in the back of your wardrobe, you could make a new skirt that you love with an hour or so and your trusty sewing machine or maybe you have a boring black top that you are fed up of wearing. By adding buttons or a collar or any number of other decorations, that boring top could become a fave wear. The possibilities are endless and sitting here, writing this blog-post, my brain is in overdrive with all of the amazing things that I could do, should I ever find that illusive extra hour or so in the day ;)

There is a huge on line community of people refashioning on the Internet. A few years ago, fed up with my current wardrobe and in my habitually skint state of finances, I stumbled across Wardrobe Refashion, a wonderful blog by Nichola Prested in Australia who had decided that she was going to stop buying new clothes and refashion her current wardrobe and was urging people to join in with her and to sign-up for a given period of time. I signed up and started searching through my wardrobe for my first project.

Here are a few of my fav refashioning projects that I have found...

Mens trousers-skirt. (see below) I have a pair of trousers....maybe accidently, my husbands expensive suit trousers that I accidentally shrunk and felted in the wash that would look fab as a winter skirt ;)

Image from

How about jumping on the pillow-case dress bandwagon and making cute dresses for your little people out of old pillow-cases? Add a long-sleeved t now it is getting a bit cold.

I love this skirt, made from an ill-fitting dress.

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