Sunday, 21 November 2010

Focus on.....

Focus on....Roz Designs

Roz Designs are London based sewing tutors who offer dress making and pattern cutting courses. They primarily focus on helping you learn how to make perfect fitting clothes, whether that means drafting your own patterns or learning how to adapt commercial patterns to your measurements. However they also run courses in Patchwork & Quilting; Embroidery; Fabric Dyeing & Printing; Making Strapless Tops & Corsets; Making Bags & Bowls; Making Christmas Decorations; Making Christmas Stockings.

Not only does Roz teach dressmaking but she also offers a dressmaking service for special occasion clothing such as bridal wear or prom dresses. She can also alter your existing clothing to make it fit better too.

In final string to their bow Roz Designs also offer fabric dyeing and painting services along with a regular range of dyed and painted fabrics.

To find out more about any of the above please visit their website:

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