Saturday, 22 January 2011

Focus on.....

Focus on....Original Stitch

Original Stitch offer Beautiful, unique and homemade gifts and toys, made from vintage and recycled fabric, by OriginalStitchers working in Britain.

Their products include bunting, a pencil roll, a netbook bag, a dolly sling (below), various sized backpacks and even an I-pad slipcase (right). Because they are environmentally friendly and use recycled fabrics each item is a unique one off fabric wise.

You can buy the items pre-made by one of the gang of Original Stitchers (more about them on the site here) or you can download a pattern and make your own. Priced from just £2.00 the patterns can be instantly downloaded as a pdf document so you can get sewing immediately.

Original Stitch even have their own forum where you can get tips and advice as well as how to guides. It is called the Original Stitch Cafe and can be found here. This year Original Stitch would welcome more designs from stitchers as well as guest bloggers for their blog so if you have any ideas please do get in touch.

You can visit the Original Stitch website here:

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Catherine said...

Thanks TSD - lovely to see such a nice write-up. Better than some of the wordy gobbledy gook I've got in my marketing file...!! :-)
We'd love to get more patterns up soon, so it would be great to hear from your readers what they'd like to see next. I feel a competition coming soon! x x x

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