Saturday, 23 April 2011

Website Spring Clean

I was suppose to be in Cornwall on holiday this week, enjoying the sun and some family time.  However illness from both sides meant that the trip had to be cancelled, so I decided to use this unexpected time to spring clean the site a little.
Pic I added to the site

A website is like an ever evolving work of art, just when you think you have got it right you think of something else.  Or you wonder if you moved something around, worded something differently would it look better?  For the last year that I've been running The Sewing Directory I've had plenty of ideas and no time in which to pursue them. 

So this weekend I started off with a few little tweaks, I've completely re-written the About Us section of the site, making it a lot more personal and a lot less business....and even including a photo of me (I hate being photographed!).  I've also made sure the What's On section has details of sewing shows right up to next March.  I've gone through the Terms & Conditions and FAQS to make sure they are up to date and the Sponsors section had a little bit of updating too.

Unfortunetly the 2 biggest changes I wanted to make I could not do with the CMS system that I use for my site so I'll get the web designers onto it in the next few weeks.  I was planning to introduce a second line of menu tabs accross the top as we have some exciting new sections of the site coming up in the next couple of months... Plus I wanted to add a search facility that searches the whole site and not just the listings, as we've now got lots of projects, interview, reviews etc on the site (here).  Once I get all that done I'll feel like I'm almost getting there!  Also in the pipework is a newsletter, hopefully that'll be up and running by June....

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