Friday, 3 June 2011

Colour Challenge

I read about the colour challenge over on the Very Berry Blog on a Friday evening when I really didn't feel like doing any work and fancied something creative to this was perfect.  Ali at Very Berry asked that we picked a theme and collected together images fitting that theme to see what colour combinations we came up with. I wrote this post straight away, before she had posted the full details (here) of how she proposed we did it.  I've held off publishing this post for the last few weeks as I wanted to update it to bring it in line with her guidelines, but unfortuently I simply haven't had time so just going to post what I wrote originally.

My theme is Aqua

First up is this glorious turtle picture by Welly Dog Designs.  I just love the blues and greens in it, they fit perfectly with my theme.

Secondly, this great collection of threads which I found accompanying this post about a sustainable fashion blog called Blue Threads.

At Ali's suggestion I browsed Pinterest and came accross lots of lovely images, but my favourite one was this one from Cocytus69 on Flickr.  Stunning.

Of course you can't think of aqua without conjuring up an image of a beautiful crystal clear sea, just like the one pictured above from

How beautiful is this picture of an aqua sea shell from the Natural History Museum in Vienna?  Another great Flickr find, this time from MoonJazz.  This was the picture that inspired me the most and I wanted to see what fabrics I could find which use the colours from this image.

After having a little browse online I came accross the Amy Butler Daisy Chain bundle from Gone To Earth.  I think these fabrics really take the colours from the shell picture above.  It's good to see how the colour palette from an image such as that can translate into fabric.

I thought I had better bring this post to an end before it fills pages on end!  But you can see more over on my Pinterest account.  My aqua board is here.

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