Saturday, 2 July 2011

Books, blinds & relaxation

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Hi everyone,  sorry it's been a while.  I do intend to update this blog every weekend but somehow there's just never enough hours in the week! I haven't done any of my 'Focus On...' posts for ages to introduce you to some of the great businesses on the site but will try and write a few up over the next week.  I've been trying to go for a better balance of personal posts v business posts on here so you'll be reading more of my ramblings from now on.

 I've been thinking lately about time (and where it all goes!).  I've been trying to get a better work/life balance after working myself into the ground the first half of this year an making myself ill.  However, I seem to be incapable of doing nothing (please sometime teach me how to!).  I have cut back the time I spend working and have been going to the gym, and to a Welsh class instead...but technically that's probably still not helping as i'm still busy and seem to never have any time just like before.

On the plus side I have finally found the time to start sewing again.  Practical rather than pretty things at the moment, I made 3 blackout blinds for the bedroom (which i've been meaning to do for months!) and now I can actaully sleep until 8am instead of 5, makes such a diference!  I've now got another 3 to make for another room now...

Also in anticipation of one day having some free time I've bought myself a Kindle!  I've wanted one for so long and have finally saved up enough to get one, I also treated myself to this wonderful Kindle case from Baggie Aggie.  I know I should have made one myself, but it wouldn't have looked half as good as the one she made!  So now I just have to work out how to get a few free hours in the week so I can read...

So I have a few questions for you all:

How do you make time to relax?

What do you do to relax?

Finally, any good book recommendations?  Some fairly easy going, i'm getting quite into chick lit lately as that's farily easy to read and not too taxing.


The undomesticated scientist said...

If you've not read the shopaholic books they are an easy read. Harry potter good if you've not read them. Doctor who books dab if you like that sort of thing. Also Phillips Gregory books great if you like abit of historical drama, abit like the tudors.

The Sewing Directory said...

I love the Philippa Gregory books but full up to date on those. Haven't tried the shopaholic ones but did enjoy the flim so might start on them.

Hubbie is hooked on the Dr Who ones but not really my thing. He's got tons of them. He's happy I have a Kindle as he said now that means he gets the bookshelves whilst I have a virtual library!

The undomesticated scientist said...

I have stacks of books. Still have loads secreted at my mums house!

Sue said...

I too enjoy Philippa Gregory. But if you want something lighter, totally non-taxing, and if you don't mind a little language, take a look at Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels. It's a numbered series (Smokin Seventeen just came out) but you don't have to start at the first one. These books are really just a fun read with characters that are so comical. I'm addicted to the series and bounce between these and something more along the lines of Gregory or Grisham. If you do pick up something from Evanovich, I think I would recommend one of her earlier Stephanie Plum novels. They seem to have a little more spunk to the plot lines.

ludlowquiltandsew said...

I've put Michael McIntyre's autobiography on my kindle and my giggling as I read irritates my daughter no end. I've also put one or two free kindle books on with the thought that I might find a new author that I like, but if I don't it hasn't cost me anything.

Indianna said...

I am reading this book by Rosamunde Pilcher (of Shell Seekers fame)and they have just made blackout blinds during the war in Cornwall/Devon.
Its an easy read - a bit too descriptive for me though - you can miss a few lines of descriptive text and not worry too much!

The Sewing Directory said...

I did download a biography (Alan Sugar's) as I thought it was something easy to stop and start. Haven't started it yet but hoping to get some useful business advice.

Haven't tried the Stephanie Plum books or Rosamonde Pilcher, will download a sample chapter and give them a go :-) I love that fact you can do that on the Kindle. Gives you an idea of whether you will like the writing style as well as the book itself.

School hols in 2 weeks - can't wait to get using my Kindle :-) I will be accompanying me and son whereever we go so I can read whilst he plays.

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