Saturday, 6 October 2012

What has happened to Simply Sewing?

If you've read my previous blog posts about All Craft Media and Craft Magazine Shop you will be aware that All Craft Media (and the company before it Kalmedia) were both owned by Kerrie Allman who denied she was behind Craft Magazine shop despite the evidence to the contrary.  These companies both went into liquidation owing large amounts of money to contributors, staff, printers etc

For those of you who aren't members of Ravelry (where there is a very good group keep people up to date with all news regarding this) I thought I would share some of the latest developments on this blog so the information is easy to find, from what I gather plenty of people are looking and struggled to keep up with all the twists and turns.

More proof Kerrie is behind Craft Magazine Shop

More proof has recently emerged of Kerrie's involvement with Craft Magazine Shop.  Firstly at the start of the summer a photographer whose pictures were featured in Handmade Weddings confirmed that she had dealt directly with Kerrie acting on behalf of Craft Magazine Shop.

Then a few weeks ago someone found that the original website for Craft Magazine Shop was in fact on the Inside Crochet Domain - owned by Kerrie.  The Inside Crochet magazine is owned by Tailor Made publishing and was never anything to do with Craft Magazine Shop so why would their shop be on the Inside Crochet domain?  Unless Kerrie (who owns the domain) is also behind Craft Magazine Shop and got the designers to put the site there whilst they were working on it until it was ready to be put live.

Just in case the shop should disappear from that site once this blog post is put live I've put a screenshot below

 New CCJ

There's also a new CCJ against Craft Magazine Shop taken out by someone whose content was used without consent in Simply Sewing.  They sent an invoice for the work but didn't get paid so sought a CCJ.  The last I've heard on that is that the CCJ has not been satisfied so the bayliffs have been instructed.

Vacated Offices

The landlady of Bayley's Barn, the premises Kerrie had been occupying contacted the people behind the Ravelry group to say that Kerrie has abandoned the premises a few months into a 3 year lease leaving a large unpaid electric bill behind.  People have been in touch with the manager of Craft Magazine Shop's new offices in Huntingdon, only to find that they have a PO Box there and no actual office space.

Simply Sewing no more?

Issue 45 of Simply Sewing is now 2 weeks overdue and hasn't been seen in the shops and subscribers are still waiting copies.  It's also not showing as available to buy on the Craft Magazine Shop website.  Simply Sewing are not responding to people on Twitter who are asking where the magazine is and the Craft Magazine Shop website is now showing the magazine as only being available as a digital subscription. The only magazine showing as available to subscribe to in print is Modern Quilting whether the next issue of that will actually turn up in the shops remains to be seen. 

Adverts being used without consent

Not only is content in the magazines being used without consent (see above re. CCJ) but adverts are being run without companies having booked the ad, or having given consent for the advert to be used.  One big show organiser was suprised to see a full page ad for one of their recent shows appear in the magazine.  One of my customers was being harrassed for payment of an advert that they had explicitly told the magazine they did not want and that they did not have the right to use the artwork, but the printed it anyway and then expected to be paid for it!

Kerrie Allman = Tallulah Ray?

There's a new craft magazine due out this month called Be Creative Magazine co-edited by someone called Tallulah Ray (aka. Lulah).  It sounds like it may be similar to Handmade Living, previously owned by Kerrie and now run by Taylor Made Publishing.  A little bit of digging found that the co-editor Claire was one of Kerrie's ad staff and Tallulah Ray judging by this self portrait on Twitter (the account is now private) is none other than Kerrie Allman.   Just when you think things can't get any more unbelieveable...


Anonymous said...

Why I am not the least bit surprised?
If I wished to be benevolent, I would say that, IMO, the woman has a diagnosable personality disorder; if I wished to be forthright, I would say that, again IMO, she is a fraudster who relishes preying on individuals and small businesses.

Apparently action is being taken about the electricity bill, but a B&B owner nearby has also suffered ...

Indigo Blue said...

It really is about time this woman was stopped. Surely she has broken some laws somewhere!! I still think Watchdog would love this!!!!

Just like to say another thank yu for the digital imagery book that I was lucky to win last month. I did try and relocate the original post but failed. I have read it from cover to cover and hope to use some of the ideas at school.
Thank you again.

minxxy said...

She must be stopped!
Perhaps if the sewing community were to start contacting Watchdog it would compliment those in the knitting community who are currently doing so??

United we stand.

Linda Coleman said...

What has happened has put me off buying or subscribing to any magazines anywhere. From now on I will only buy books, at least I know where I stand with them.

Tammy said...

I can't understand why anyone would bother with the stress of it all? What is wrong with the women?

The sad thing is that the magazines actually fill a gap in the market have great potential and just need good management to make a nice profit.

The Sewing Directory said...

Thank you all for your comments. Several people have reported her to Watchdog so I guess we'll see if anything comes of that.

It does seem crazy that no crimimal action has come from all of this.

You're right Tammy the concepts of the magazines were good and if the company had been managed properly they could have been very successful.

Edie Blue Crafts said...

I fished out my old sew hip mags then did a google search, I had no idea this had happened! I did wonder what the deal was with all the craft magazines chopping and changing! oh id love to run a craft mag but think maybe too much work!

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