Friday, 18 January 2013

Free projects

We are working on a revamp of The Sewing Directory, ready for the 3 year anniversary at the end of March.  I'm doing a lot of it myself so it's being done a section at a time.  I did the first one last weekend and we now have a lovely new projects section so do take a look..

Free sewing projects

We also have some great new contributors who will be writing new projects for the site - Laura Strutt ( nee Laura Cruickshank) the former editor of Sew Magazine and author of the Haynes Sewing Manual, and Helen Rhiannon from All Sewn Up.    So make sure you bookmark the projects section to come back to in the future.

You can always sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the revamp and latest news regarding the site. 

By the way we've got lots of snow here in Cardiff today.  Hope you are all enjoying the snow too :-)

My little boy in the snow

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