Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sewing Week

I may not have managed much work last week but I did fit in more sewing than usual.   My son was off school sick last Monday but was happy to play in the playroom where my sewing machine was so I managed to squeeze a bit of sewing in.  I made a needlebook and a quilted scissor case so I could carry a sewing kit in my handbag without worrying about anything sharp poking through.

On the Tuesday I had a meeting with Julie the editor Sewing World Magazine and Will from Abakhan Fabrics came along.  We were discussing features ideas for next year, got a feeling I'll be doing a lot of writing!

After Julie left I gave Will a hand sewing lesson, he has decided to learn to sew this year so I thought I'd start him off with the basics and get him making a pin cushion.  That's why I wanted to make my sewing kit safe to take with me. Doesn't he look proud?

Then on Saturday I went to Venn School of Sewing in Cardiff where they were holding a Dress a Girl Around The World sewing weekend so I made a pillowcase dress.  I would have liked to stay for the whole weekend and made several more but unfortunetly my husband has had manflu all week and passed it onto me. Now feeling rather rough, but on the plus side if I'm still ill then I may get to do some more sewing instead of working this week.  I struggle to just do nothing but sewing is relaxing and surely medicinal too.

Dress a Girl Sewing Session

Above is my pillowcase dress.  The pillowcase I was using had a couple of little marks on it so I embroidered some stars over the top of the marks.

I also managed to pick up some great storage boxes for my fabric (which keeps overspilling the huge amount of storage I already have!).  2 for £10 in The Works these boxes are big, bright, colourful and sturdy, you can view them online here there's other designs in the shops themselves too.  I bought 4 from the shop but then ordered another 4 online when I got home as my son and husband kept trying to pinch mine! I got very tempted by The Village Haberdashery Sale yesterday so have tons more fabric coming later this week - good thing I bought more storage ;-)


char said...

Oh, those are lovely storage boxes!

Anonymous said...

How cool that will is getting onto sewing. I think Elena at Seamless is working on a blog piece about male sewists. He may like to read it when it's done!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Busy you!! Hope you shed the last of the man flu asap xxx

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