Sunday, 4 August 2013

Pretty new fabrics

I've been trying to cut back on fabric orders lately as I don't get much chance to sew over the summer holidays.  But temptation has been everywhere!  Lots of gorgeous new fabric collections that I have been unable to resist so I've added a few new fabrics to my stash:

I loved this new oriental print from Alexander Henry so much I had to buy it in all 3 of the colourways. I got it from Fancy Moon, there's currently 10% off (until Wednesday) with the code summer flash.  Typically the discount code started a couple days after I placed my order!

This new Moda collection Winter's Lane in stock at Eclectic Maker was irresistible.  I will admit I bought most of the fabrics pictured...

Lastly is the new Enchanted Forest collection inspired by Enid Blyton's book of the same name.  I bought this from Fabric HQ and again got most of the fabrics in the collection.

No idea what I'm going to make with any of these, although I think the Alexander Henry ones would make a fab bag.  I'm just going to stash them and drool over them for a while until I get chance to sew a little more.  Which looking at my diary isn't likely to do until October!

Now hopefully fabric shops will not have any tempting new collections in stock for the next month or 2 so I can be good and stop spending money on things I don't have time to use... ;-)

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