Thursday, 3 July 2014

New sewing room at last!

6 weeks after moving in I have finally gotten my sewing room sorted!  Only phone pics below I'm afraid so not the best quality but you'll get the gist of how it looks.  My sewing room is basically half of my bedroom.  I used an Ikea room divider shelving unit to separate off the bedroom side of the room from the sewing room side.  This does mean that both halves of the room are pretty small but I wanted to keep all my sewing things separate, don't want to be finding needles in the bed at night!

The room divider
I've made the sewing room the side by the window, with my desk right under the window so I have lots of natural light.  Plus there's a lovely view out of the window.

View from my sewing desk
Sewing desk
My sewing table is actually two £10 desks from Ikea, they are only hardboard but look and feel pretty sturdy.  For £10 each you can't go far wrong!  I wanted to have one for sewing on and one for cutting on.  In my old house I had to push the machine back to cut on the front of the desk which was a pain.  The only downside of how I've set the room up is the sockets are behind the shelves to the left of the desk, not too sure how I'm going to get an extension lead in but I will be trying at the weekend.

I've got all my sewing books right to hand, although I do have to crawl under the able to get to some of them!  Most my haberdashery is on those shelves beside the desk too, and some on the shelves behind (the two bookcases join in an L shape).  I do miss having desk drawers to keep my habby in but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

To the right of the desk I have my brilliant rainbow drawers, they are full of fabric.  They are labelled to say which colour of fabric, or type of fabric is in each.  I've also got the ironing board there but I think I need to find somewhere to leave it open ideally, and there's no socket by there so it might have to go in the bedroom side of the room.  The boxes on top of the drawers have all my stationery in.What you can't see is to the far right, beside the filing cabinet I have a stack of the boxes like the one on top of the filing cabinet, full of fabric!

It is amazing how much stuff you can fit into these shelves, plus I have things stacked up on top too.  They are good for getting lots of things into a small space.  It total the area I have for the sewing room is around 5ft x 7-8ft.  There is an awful lot of fabric and sewing books squeezed into that space!

I've just managed to find an extension lead so once I figure out how to plug it in without having to move those giant shelves full of stuff I'll be good to go.  This weekend I plan to spend several hours sewing.  I haven't decided what yet, think I need to have a browse through some of the books to choose a project.


Archie the wonder dog said...

Your new sewing room looks lovely and has a wonderful view! Could you cut a hole in the back of the bookcase so you can access the socket? I'm going to ask my brother if he can do the same for me as I'm currently running everything in my sewing room off a double socket with a four gang in one side!

Indigo Blue said...

I have those same shelves and they really do store so much. They must be a magic size!

Bossymamma said...

You've done an amazing job fitting so much in to that space! Oh, and a view of the Blackdown Hills, as well - heavenly.

Lynne said...

I've got two sets of those shelves from Ikea for my sewing. They accompany me wherever I move house. They're great.
Lovely view you have.

Sewing Directory said...

They are brilliant shelves, sounds like they are popular amongst crafts. Such a shame they have been discontinued.

Managed to get the extension lead in so all up and running now :-)

Fabric HQ said...

Not discontinued - just changed the name! They have slightly tweaked the design and they are now called Kallax. Never fear - Expedit's still here ;)

Sewing Directory said...

Unfortunately they've removed quite a lot of the wood, so they are no longer so strong and sturdy which was the big plus point with Expedit. You knew they could handle lots of fabric & craft books without buckling.

I'll guess we'll have to see what the reviews for the Kallax are like. If they are as strong or not.

Hellmuth said...
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