Thursday, 8 January 2015

Year of Handmade Gifts

Hello everyone, welcome to 2015!  I realised at the end of last year that as with every year I planned to make several people handmade gifts, even bought the fabric ready and then never got around to it so I decided this year I will aim to make 1 handmade gift a month and share my progress through my blog.

I'd love to have you sew a long with me, making your own handmade gifts too so please do either post links to what you have been making in the comments section each month or come and join the Facebook group I've set up.  I thought we could share our pictures, links to useful projects, ideas and inspiration in the Facebook group.  Do feel free to nab the image above to use on your blog and link back to this post for anyone who wants to join in.

I've decided I'm not going to be too strict with myself so will aim for 12 handmade gifts in the year, but not necessarily 1 made each month.  I'm sure there will be some months I might manage 2-3 and other months where I don't manage any.  So as long as it averages out to 1 per month I'll be happy.

This is the last handmade gift I made, a pin cushion and needle book set for a secret santa I held at my sewing group.  I'm sad to say that is the only handmade gift I managed last Christmas and even then it was a last minute rush! I was so busy with book promotion I didn't have chance to make anything else.

I'm going to star the year off by making a baby quilt for my best friend who is due to have her first baby in March, a little girl.  My friend is obsessed with pink so I'm sure the baby's room will be very pink!  So I'm planing to use the fabrics above, the new V & A collection - Bhandari, to make the quilt as the purples will go well with pink plus it has pink in the prints.

I'll probably mix in some pink and purple Kona solids, any will probably leave out the turquoise print as it doesn't quite fit the colour scheme.  The fabrics aren't in the shops yet but will be on sale shortly. I am going to try and write a tutorial for the site whilst I make the quilt, just deciding on the design.  It will be pretty simple, either squares or I was considering bricks like a brick wall kind of look.

Then after the quilt I need to start thinking of something for mother's day.  I made these gifts for my mother in law a couple years ago and she loved them.  I'm considering personalised notebook covers for this year maybe.

So will you be taking the handmade gift pledge in 2015?   If so do comment below and let me know what you plan to start with or come join the conversation in the Facebook group.


an ordinary woman said...

I would love to join in with this,although not all my handmade gives are sewn, the 1st was handmade glass, I have made a textile card since then,I have only instagrammed these so far.....

Sewing Directory said...

Hi Sue, It's no problem to do crafts other than sewing anything handmade counts :)

Carolee Crafts said...

I love to give handmade gifts and do start in January, sometimes peters off when the weather gets warmer. Have a list of Birthdays with dates and try to make several months ahead of the game as well as Christmas.

Am already working on Easter for my craft fairs getting a bit bored with bunnies now, lol

Aliza Patell Ratnayaka said...

Am in! its a busy year with lots going on in terms of work but I really miss making so I will be try and get some done.

quirkyhannah said...

Good luck with the quilt! Have joined the fb group so hopefully this year I will do better too :)

Fabric8 Online said...

What a fantastic idea! I'm in. I've already made pouches, scarves and shrugs for pressies, so I think I'll like to stretch myself a little this year:)

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