Monday, 13 July 2015

Quilt Progress

I've been a busy bee for the last 2 months working on my Tula Pink Sampler quilt from her City Sampler book.  I have to admit when I started I didn't realise what a time consuming project it would be, hours and hours on end of cutting, pressing and then sewing just to make a few blocks.   I normally cut in one session, and then sew in the next.  Here's a pic of several blocks ready to be sewn, I have to put the block number on the top or I forget which blocks I've cut!

I soon decided I wasn't going to make all 100 blocks in the book as some are very fiddly and involve lots of fabrics and pieces (and I hate cutting!) so I've been making the blocks in pairs.  Today I did a count up and layout on my bed to see if I was close to having enough to make a quilt...

I'm only 2 blocks away (represented with white pieces of paper for now).  I decided I'm going to go for a random layout so spent hours playing around with this giant jigsa puzzle trying to make sure I didn't have any similar blocks or colours too close together.

This is going to be my final layout, I just need to finish the last 2 blocks (which will be red and yellow) and then I can start joining them in rows. I managed to get some turquoise Sketch fabric for half price in the sale at Weaver Dee so I plan to use that for the borders and maybe the backing too if there's enough left.

Their sale is still on if you fancy a bargain, use code DIRECTORY10 for an extra 10% off :)  

Hopefully my next post will be showing the finished top.  I'd really like to have this finished by the end of the summer ready to use in the autumn.  Then I ought to finish my son's quilt which I started a year ago...  whoops!


Bossymamma said...

It's looking good, Fi!

Tomomi McElwee said...

That is going to be a some cool quilt.

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