Thursday, 3 December 2015

Donate unwanted quilt blocks to charity

Do you ever make a quilt and find you have a few blocks left over?  Those that weren't quite the right size, or didn't quite match colour wise?  Or do you have a mountain of scraps that need using?

If so you could help donate quilt blocks to charity, to be used to make quilts for children in Great Ormond Street Hospital and Boston's Children Hospital.

The campaign is called Donate a Block 2, you can get more information about it here.  
It's also the link you need if you want to take part, fill in your details and let them know how many blocks you can send.  Even just one is a help.

They have 2 phases of donations, the first one ends 31st December, so the sooner you can send the better.  The second one ends 31st January so if you don't have chance to do it before Christmas you could do it after.

I had some blocks left over from my Tula Pink quilt which I was planning to donate, but of course I couldn't find them anywhere when I looked for them!  So Instead I decided to make some blocks using some scraps and fabric samples I had.  I went for fairly simple designs so I could make as many as I could.  In the end I managed 14, most are pictured above, many made with Makower fabrics. 

I'm hoping I might get time to make some more after Christmas.  It was quite an enjoyable experience just making it up as I went along and not having to worry about following a pattern or making them match.

If you'd like to find out more click here. 

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