Sunday, 5 February 2012

Craft Twitter Chats

I've only recently discovered Twitter chats, conversations where you all use the same hash tag after yout tweets so all the tweets can be viewed together when people click on the hash tag.  I've started joining in with the Crafter Minds twitter chats which are held on Mondays at 9pm (GMT) using the hash tag #craftminds. 

These chats are aimed at craft bloggers and have covered subjects including promoting your blog, setting up a second blog, improving your writing skills, standing out among other blogs etc.  They have participants from all over the world, but primarily America, from experts to amateurs sharing tips and advice and asking questions. 

I've recently discovered that Craft Blog UK have also started running weekly Twitter chats too, on a Sunday at 9pm.  Tonight's subject is using Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog, last week it was SEO tips.  As with Crafter Minds these chats are focused on craft bloggers.  The hash tag for these chats is #cbuk, you can follow Craft Blog UK here.

I find these chats are a great way to exchange ideas and share/get tips and advice as well as meet new people in the same industry as you.  Have you ever joined in a Twitter chat?  What do you think about them?

TIPS  - When you click on the hastag make you click on the top left where it says tweets: top and change it to 'all' otherwise you will be missing many of the tweets. 

-Also I find it useful to have 3 twitter screens open, one to type your tweets into, one to view all the tweets with that hash tag and one to view the tweets from the person leading the Twitter chat.

-If you miss a chat, or don't use Twitter you can read the salient points from the chats on their sites a day or to later.   For Craftminds find them here, and for Craft Blog UK you need to pop over to their blog and find the summary, the SEO one is here.


ludlowquiltandsew said...

Thank you so much, Fiona. A really informative post. I'm looking forward to trying some twitter chats.

Planet Penny said...

Yes, I joined in with #cbuk last night and found it really useful, nice to see you there!

The Sewing Directory said...

Hope you enjoy them Rose :-) I enjoyed last nights chat too Penny, nice to see you there too.

The annoying thing is Twitter keeps freezing up on my during Twitter chats so I miss half of it! :-(

Looking forward to the Crafter Minds one this evening.

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