Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee - supplies & fabrics used

So... what did you all think of The Great British Sewing Bee?  I have to say I loved it, I was expecting it to be a lot more twee and less challenging so was pleasantly surprised.  I think all the contestants did amazingly well to be able to sew under such time pressure, don't think I could have hacked it!

Any early favourites?  I love Tilly because I'm a long term fan of her blog but I also think Lauren and Mark have what it takes too.  I hear next week's episode is even better than the first so can't wait until Tuesday.
Janome Sewist 525S as used in The Great British Sewing Bee
I saw a lot of people asking where they could get the sewing machines used on the show, the fabrics the contestants used in their garments and supplies like the bias maker.  So I've compiled a list of where to buy many of the items featured in the show, along with other useful links like contestant's blogs etc.

Find it all here.

I think my favourite fabric had to be the red scissors fabric that Tilly used as a lining, so adorable. It can be found at Fabric Inspirations.
I think it's great to see sewing being bought into the spotlight.  Hopefully it will help several more people discover the joys of sewing :-)


Bella said...

what about the overlockers used any Idea please

Sewing Directory said...

Hi Bella, the overlockers were Bernina 800DL's

Kestrel said...

Ah I knew it was the 525s! I bought that machine in January this year on the recommendation of a sewing machine engineer, and I really really love it. Such a joy to use. You kept getting glimpses of the machine on the programme and I thought it was the same as mine!!

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