Friday, 24 January 2014

Moving to the country

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it has been a very manic 2014 so far.  My husband was in hospital for the first 2 weeks of the year, and at the same time I was preparing to put the house on the market - so lots of cleaning, sorting and redecorating!  Unfortunetly there hasn't been much time for anything else work,sewing or blogging.

Thankfully the house is now on the market (find it here if anyone fancies a 2 bed house in Cardiff with a sewing room).  The viewings have started and we're off to Devon this weekend to look at houses. 

Blackdown Hills  - Image © Blackdown Hills AONB
So why Devon?  Why now?

Lots of reasons really, my husband's health issues are lifelong ones which has made us realise that a slower pace of life is needed, as well as being closer to family who are all in the South West.  Due to his health my husband now works from home, as do I which means we no longer have to be located in Cardiff for any reason. 

I've run a few sewing meet ups in Exeter now (join us for the next one here) and I've come to love the area as well as make lots of friends too.   Plus of course it is a very beautiful part of the country... and there's some lovely sewing shops in Exeter like Arrietty and The Exeter Sewing Machine Company.

It's going to continue to be a busy start to the year with not only the move to co-ordinate but also my book to finish and the new website (that ties in with the book) to launch.  But hopefully the end of 2014 will see me relaxing in a nice new house in a pretty village in Devon somewhere. 

So I apologise in advance if my posts are a little sporadic over the next few months, I'm hoping to have the move over and done with by the summer and then things can start to get back to normal.  Of course then I'll have to sew lots of things for the new house too :-)


Catherine said...

What an exciting time for you!

liniecat said...

Wishing you both every success with the sale and a new purchase!
What an adventure and theres something to be said for moving - having just done that very thing and down sized to boot lol
Hope that the move will bring you peace of mind and being closer to family can have its own rewards come what may.
Look forwards, it sounds like it will be fun : )

Bossymamma said...

Make sure you take good care of yourself, Fi. You have had a lot of stress lately, with more to come so be kind to yourself. By the way, Somerset is lovely, too!

Sewing Directory said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. It is both an exciting and stressful time but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end :-)

Jo Robertson (thejoyofthehousetomyself) said...

It'll be great to have you !

Indianna said...

I've persuaded 2 of my sewing group to come to Exeter Meet up and maybe one more ... hope you find it nice and relaxing down here...we do x

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