Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Exeter Sewing Meet Up

Well the plans for the move are going well, hopefully we should be moving in the next 2-3 months.  Just waiting for the buyer's mortgage to be approved and then we are all good to go. :-) So as you can imagine with the move looming, and the book deadline the same month it has been pretty crazy here!

View from our holiday cottage (looks better on a sunny day but we didn't have many of them!)

However, because I had thought it would take a lot longer to sell our house and find one in Devon I had already booked a week in a cottage in Devon for half term, followed by another sewing meetup at the end of that week.  So despite already having found a house we spent the week in Devon and re-visited our new house, and went to see the school. My little boy loved the cottage we stayed in because not only did it have a stunning view, but there were loads of rabbits.  Every window you looked out of you could see bunnies!

Rabbits viewed from the cottage windows

The meet up was on the Saturday and went amazingly well.  We decided to do an 'ask the experts' session where people could bring along their projects and get help or demonstrations for certain techniques, from quilting to dressmaking and alterations plus I was on hand to answer SEO or social media questions.

There were 2 skirts made on the day, one upcycled from trousers and one little girl's skirt made from scratch by someone new to sewing.  Plus there was an amazing cushion made on the day, and very colour quilt in the works by Trash.

Trash's colourful quilt
Tina's first skirt
Will from Abakhan Fabrics came along again as Abakhan were sponsoring the event and made a reversible ipad case, and he also bought his girlfriend Rosie.  Rosie had never sewn before but with a couple of hours tuition from Jenna she had made an amazing patchwork table mat and is now hooked!  I foresee a new sewing machine in her near future...At least she has access to lots of fabric!

Rosie's tablemat in the making
We had lots of amazing raffle prizes, a big thank you to Becky from Storey Publishing who came along to the meet up armed with piles of books to giveaway,  Jenna from Exeter Sewing Centre who gave her time, advice and some lovely gift vouchers, Minerva Crafts  and Search Press for kindly providing prizes.

Everyone busy sewing and chatting
Everyone had a great day and we have decided that now I am moving to Devon we will make it a more regular event.  I am currently booking the hall for 4 dates over the coming year and have now got a few of the regulars helping me plan and run the meet ups.

If you fancy coming along to any (they are held in St Matthews Hall, Exeter) do drop me an e-mail and I will add you to the e-mail list so you get all the details. The next one will be start of June.  If you are already on the mailing list the details will be sent out to you this week.

There are a few other posts from the attendees here if you'd like to find out more or see some more pics:

We had a lot more sewing machines this time.  Rosie (far left) learning to quilt

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It was a great day! Thanks for organising it, Fi.

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