Wednesday, 15 October 2014

52 books challenge completed!

As you may have spotted from looking at the tabs across the top of this blog for the last couple of years I have been attempting to read 52 books in a year.  I decided to set myself this challenge at the start of 2013 because I had gone from loving books and reading several per month (or often several per week) to hardly reading any books.

As soon as I started working on the idea of The Sewing Directory it took over my life, I was working 7 days a week and just had no time for any reading.  I had also had a baby a year before I started the directory so by the time the business was launched I had my hands full!

When I blogged about doing this challenge several people said they wanted to join in.  The first year we did it via Twitter but this year we have a lovely Facebook group which has become an online book club.  The other members have encouraged me out of my comfort zone to try authors I never would have normally.
One of the books I tried thanks to others in the group recommending it.  I loved it, it was very moving.

Last year I didn't quite make it to the 52 books, I managed 44.  This year a good 10 weeks before the end of the year I passed 52 books!  In fact I've managed 54 so far and I'm now aiming for over 60.  I feel so proud to have gotten there, especially as not only did I write my own book this year, but I also moved house which was a pretty big ordeal taking a lot of my time and energy.

I don't quite know how I managed to fit it all in!  I think actually part of the reason I've read a lot more is because I've been run down and ill a lot of the year.  Then when too ill to work I read instead.  I've also travelled a lot, by train, so I've read several Kindle books. So next year it would be nice to just read because I'm taking time off for fun, not because of illness. I should make that my goal for 2015.  52 books read whilst healthy...


Bossymamma said...

Well, Fi, you have really put me to shame! Maybe next year's challenge should be Healthy Whilst Reading 52 Books, to encourage you to find a good work/life balance?

char said...

Well done! I'm doign this challenge too and currently reading my 51st so I think I should make it easier than last year when I was panic-reading the last few right up until NYE!

Irene Donovan said...

It is great being part of the group and I have read many recommendations that I know I wouldn't have chosen. Also has a Kindle for my birthday and I also listen to books borrowed from my local library while I am crafting.

itsamistry said...

Oh well done I'm not even half way through but I've read more this year than I have in the previous few years. I've also enjoyed/enjoying being part of the facebook page as you say there are authors on there I wouldn't have read.

Sewing Directory said...

The Facebook group has worked out really well for encouraging us all to try new authors :)

I would definitely like to be reading the 52 books whilst healthy next year!

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