Friday, 3 October 2014

Who is in the book?

In this post I wanted to tell you about the lovely knowledgeable people who contributed to my book.  I do not claim to be an expert at all things business related so although I have shared my knowledge, and researched lots of topics in depth to cover in the book I wanted to get the experts to add their top tips in. I want to give you as much useful information as possible to help with your business.

At first I wasn't sure about having other people involved, I knew lots of other books did it and I wanted mine to be different.  But then once I started writing I realised that it's good to have a different point of view, or input from someone who has had a different experience of business or who works in a different part of the industry from me. 

Many of my contributors are from within the craft industry such as Tilly sharing her blogging tips, Harriet from Not on The High Street giving advice on making your products stand out on online marketplaces and Kristin from Sew Mama Sew sharing her knowledge on building an online community.

But also I wanted people from outside of the industry who are experts in their own niche subject, such as Ruth former head of SEO at Moz who gave advice on search engine optimisation,  Rebecca the MD and CEO of sharing tips on web design and PR consultant Fran sharing advice on marketing your creative business.

The one thing all the contributors have in common is that I think they all do something well, something which will help those of you running your own businesses.  

Also crafter extraordinaire Perri Lewis (blogger, Guardian craft writer, creative director of Mastered and craft author) has written the foreword for the book.

You can find out about the all the book contributors and read Perri's foreword here.

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